Is Granite passé? Top 6 countertop trends for 2018

Stylish elegant kitchens have been the focal point of home décors for decades and in most cases the shining star of these spaces has been the ever popular, naturally speckled granite countertops.  The must have choice for years, granite has recently taken a back seat to alternative surface options in today’s modern kitchen designs.

Six appealing alternatives to granite countertops

The material and finish used for a kitchen countertop produces dramatic results. Before investing, have a look at the latest modern and stylish options for 2018 to help you let go of tired old granite.


Marble will always be in vogue. In fact, its aesthetic appeal and subtle veining have helped make it the surface of choice in today’s high end modern decors across North America. Nonetheless, even if marble is a cheaper option than granite, it’s extraordinarily demanding, as it requires high maintenance at all times. In other words, it is a great material for those who want their kitchen to reflect elegance but are equally committed to caring for it on a consistent basis. Families with messy kids should also think twice when considering marble surfaces as they are easy to stain and scratch.


Quartz has long been considered a high-end alternative to granite and now even marble with its latest elegant designs. This man-made, engineered surface looks like genuine stone and is very popular as it is low-maintenance and more durable than real stone. Naturally, it does not bear the inherent characteristics of real stone but its no-fuss qualities have helped it dominate the countertop scene for years. Heat-resistant and beautiful surfaces such as the latest Radianz Quartz and Accolade Quartz collections are gaining more popularity than granite nowadays with top designers.

HanStone Specchio White

Solid Surface

Available in various colors and affordable, Staron Solid surfaces whites are one of the kitchen materials gaining the most traction. Unlike granite, it does not offer the natural stone qualities but it features a more modern polished look because of its soft coloring and its high degree of smoothness. Many homeowners love the flexibility of the material and the unlimited designs it affords; for instance, the thickness, shapes and designs of the finished surfaces are totally up to the creativity of the owners. While solid surfaces do not require sealing, eventual scratching can easily be buffed out.

Staron Bright White 8888


Soapstone is one of those materials that have magnificently stood the test of time. Integrated over hundreds of years in farmhouse kitchens, it is again coming into the spotlight thanks to its durability and changeability as it comes in an array of shades. To render it darker, for example, oiling it is a proven technique.  Soapstone is also known to be solid enough to resist hot pots directly placed on it but weak enough to take on scratches and marks. Yet, these are the attributes that highlight its beauty and make it blend naturally in its environment.

Butcher block

Not so refined as other materials, the butcher block is nonetheless one of the trending kitchen countertop materials apart from being affordable. Accommodating and warm, and looking like a giant cutting board, it has the power to liven a dull kitchen. While certain owners oil their butcher block counters regularly, others prefer to adopt a more natural approach and even chop their vegetables directly on the surface. With adequate upkeep, the butcher block can age gracefully.


Many homeowners are shifting away from the manufactured and tired look of certain kitchen materials. To add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to their kitchen décor, more people are opting for concrete that has a signature stone feel combined with an industrial component. Concrete, however, needs some precautions such as proper sealing to avoid stains from citrus, oil, and red wine.


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