Countertop options: Quartz that looks like marble

Over the past decade designers, builders and architects have been preaching the benefits and strengths of quartz as a premium surface material and now most savvy homeowners have caught up to this trend.  Unique in combining depth and color consistency with low maintenance and unrivaled durability, quartz has emerged as the preferred countertop material in homes across the country.

Looks like Marble acts like Quartz

Beyond its ultra-durability, Quartz has also become the focal point of kitchen and bathroom designs across North America because of its uniquely sophisticated and timeless look. Now these same distinct characteristics can also be found in beautiful new designs that offer homeowners the aesthetics of fine marble with the strength and durability of quartz. The new elegant Accolade Quartz collection is the latest hot entry in the premium quartz surface category poised to leave an imprint on the established marble décor trend.

Marble has re-emerged as a top choice for today’s high end modern decors due to its aesthetic appeal and natural subtle veining. Unfortunately, the same drawbacks remain for the naturally porous surface that stains and scratches easily, is susceptible to heat, citrus and chemicals. This is why the latest Accolade Quartz Ultimate collection is such a welcome addition to the category as it combines the best of both worlds – the beauty and style of marble with the unrivaled durability of quartz.

Radianz Marble Countertop faded

Latest Quartz collection of sought after colors

“With a palette characterized for combining the most sought-after tones with extraordinary depth and clarity, this collection is design-driven for the latest fashionable concepts,” explained Mark Hanna President of Accolade Surfaces, one of North America’s leading distributors of fine quartz surfaces including the new Accolade Quartz collection. “Maintaining solid performance and durability while offering the look of exquisite marble, this quartz surface collection is suited for a wide range of design needs from contemporary accents to the latest trends.”

The highlight of the collection is its color palette.  A carefully selected grouping of the top color trends in the industry.  “Superior hues and subtle color distinctions, creating character, are vital components of innovative design,” Hanna added.  “This rich palette assures distinctive visual creations.”

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