Surface trends: High-Tech Solid surfaces offer cutting edge countertop designs

You would think you were inside the control deck of a futuristic space craft, yet you are in the lobby of a high end doctor’s office or leading high tech company.  What’s fooling your eyes? The solid-surface workspace and surrounding décor fixtures made of high-tech plastic heat-sculpted into any shape imaginable.

Staron space office

These same solid surfaces that are creating breathtaking modern designs and workspaces in commercial settings are now also being featured in home decors across the country for kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks, bathtubs, shower trays and other designs limited only by your imagination.

Solid surface countertops make cleaning easy

Cheaper than marble or stone yet with all the beauty they hold, solid surface counters have become a major option in residential and commercial applications alike for designers looking for a clean, smooth ultra-modern look that is also easy to maintain. Solid surface counters are non-porous and low-maintenance, and yet can imitate the look of stone or marble counters perfectly, without all the problems found in these more expensive materials.

modern kitchen Staron

Unlike stone and marble, solid surface counters, such as the leading Staron collections, do not have the cracks and layers that can be the downfall of those options. Manufactured in large sheets, the solid surface materials can be fabricated into any style and design, and can also be heat-moulded into a huge variety of three-dimensional shapes to suit any design.

The Best solid surfaces are 100% acrylic

Acrylic Solid-surface counters are recognized as the best and are a blend of acrylic and natural mineral. Nowadays, acrylic solid surface offers vibrant colors, an ability to have seamless joints, ultra-durability with better options for fancy fabrication styles, such as thermoforming.


Solid surfaces offer some major benefits over stone

One of the main appeals of solid surfaces is its non-porous nature. These engineered surfaces have a special finish that makes them resistant to bacteria build up, mildew and staining, which are major issues of natural stone. Sinks can also be joined to the counter surface to make it a seamless continuation, where water cannot collect or leak through a normal silicone joint that erodes over time. Moreover, an integral backsplash to the sink also means that there is no seepage of water behind the counter that can destroy or damage what is in the cupboard below.

Repair is also easier than with natural stone. If the countertop becomes scratched or damaged, it can quickly and easily be buffed and refinished to look like new by trained fabricators.


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  1. hai nguyen says:

    can you sent more info
    price list?
    what technique or machine need for bending


    1. Hi, thanks for the interest, please send your request to “” or feel free to call us at “1.877.525.5128” We will gladly get you the information you are looking for. – the accolade team.


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