7 Exquisite bathroom design trends for 2018

With 2018 looking to be the “Year of the Bathroom” in the designer’s lunar calendar, experimenting with color and texture is forecast to be one of the main trends for the year, as homeowners rethink their bathroom designs and materials. The bathroom has now become more of a sanctuary for beauty, well being and relaxation as more people continue to adopt healthier lifestyles. With seven new stunning trends forecast for this year, designers are set to make dull and dreary bathrooms come to life.

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Beauty meets durability

Striking the perfect balance between beauty and function in bathroom spaces is a challenge. With cleanliness and maintenance of utmost importance, designers prefer to recommend surfaces that are both elegant and easy to maintain. Durable, nonporous Quartz surfaces, such as the latest Radianz and Accolade Quartz collections, have become the most popular surfaces for bathroom designs as they are zero maintenance, resist stains and the growth of mold and mildew and bring beauty to today’s modern or traditional decors.


Photo: dwellingdecor.com

Trendy wallpapers replace tiles

Today’s wallpaper designs aren’t your mother’s floral versions of the ‘80s and have evolved to feature more trendy and hip designs. With the use of wallpaper already making a comeback in living rooms and bedrooms this year, the bathroom is the next obvious space to benefit from this funky revival. These new stylish designs will be replacing tired tiles, but if you want to feature an updated tile look, some of the latest wallpaper designs even come in tile designs that you can use to replace traditional options.

Vintage plumbing and hardware

What goes around comes around, especially in design, and the old farmhouse chic look, complete with heavy pipes and faucets, has made a huge comeback in kitchen decors. And it is coming back to the bathroom as well, with heavy cast iron tubs and open plumbing with old-fashioned copper sinks starring in bathroom decors near you this year.

Get down to brass taps

Brass is back, and nostalgia lovers everywhere are getting into the old brass taps and faucets for their bathrooms this year. Designers are saying the modern brass taps and fixtures are better than they were in the ‘80s, with modern designs in old-fashioned fittings. If you are not into brass, then black metal fixtures or dull nickel plating are other popular options.

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Image: Shutterstock

Get techy with IoT

Smart technology is slowly invading our homes, with the internet of Things (IoT) running many items in normal households. In bathroom designs, IoT can do more than people think, with digital showers, automated bath-filling systems, and faucets that can be operated from your smartphone. Bathroom fixtures are also going high-tech, with mirrors that can display the news, and bathroom lights that play music. Just relax and let your smart-bath draw itself, so it’s ready for when you get home from a hard day’s work.

Tiling in a new way

Larger tiles with unique patterns and bold colors are the up and coming trend for 2018, with fresh looks at luxurious marble-looking slabs for both floors and walls. Metallic tiles complement the faucets and fittings, while geometric designs make the old-style farmhouse look more modern.

Source: Realtor.com



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