7 hot kitchen design trends for 2018

Following a trend in interior design can be a dangerous game, as today’s hot features can become yesterday’s news by tomorrow. However, when it comes to kitchen design, taking a chance on that hot new trend can really pay off. So here is a look at what is forecast to trend in kitchen interior design in 2018.

Bold colors make a kitchen a home

Neutral colors and pastel shades are still the number one choice for most kitchens, according to Elissa Morgante of Evanston. She has already predicted blue to be a hot color for this year, with the focus on island kitchens. You can embrace this new upcoming trend by using complementary shades to highlight your lower cabinets from your upper ones and choosing a different color for your island top from your other countertops. By choosing a similar color palette to the rest of your home, you can better integrate your kitchen to your overall décor.

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White on white with a difference

People still love their white kitchens as the all-white theme has reigned supreme for decades. However, with its limitations of being hard to keep clean and that sterile appearance, new ideas are needed to keep white popular. Mixing the monochromatic kitchen with some bold wood or dark countertops, such as Impala Black from the Radianz Quartz Marble collection, can help break up that sterile atmosphere. Or you could try using a light bluish grey for the cabinets to offset that stark white look.

Stay away from stainless

Stainless steel appliances have long dominated the kitchen scene, largely thanks to the gamut of cooking shows that feature stainless catering kitchens. The latest competition to those mirrored appliances is unique colors that can make the kitchen more vibrant. The latest trend in cooking ranges is inspired by vintage European ranges, which come with dark metal accents, and is expected to be huge in 2018. The ranges come in a variety of colors, including the classic crème caramel color of the old popular farmhouse wood-burners of the 1920s.

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Using durable materials makes for a lasting décor

Getting that perfect balance between form and function is a hard task, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Durable surfaces that are low to zero maintenance are the most requested item in the modern kitchen, and there are now several types available. The most recommended by designers and architects at the moment are quartz surfaces, such as the latest Radianz and Accolade Quartz collections, as they’re heat and stain resistant and rated as “the most durable options on the market”, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. In a recent survey report, 94 percent of surveyed kitchen designers said quartz was going to be the trending kitchen surface for this year.

Geometric shapes in the wall tiles

Geometric tiling is forecasted to be the upcoming trend for the year, with a move to larger-format tiles, and even huge porcelain sheets. There is a trending shift towards bold, yet simple designs that will create an increased sophistication in the average kitchen.

Islands are the center of attention

Incorporating everything you need into the central island is the latest in style and functionality in the kitchen. With everything you need from the cooker to the kitchen sink in your island, including bar seats for breakfast, the all-purpose island idea is going to be hot in 2018.

Farmhouse kitchen makes a comeback

Did it ever go away? The farmhouse kitchen look, which gives the kitchen that “back-to-basics” look and feel, has always been popular. According to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association’s recent survey, the use of natural materials such as reclaimed wood, stone flagging, and copper coated piping, as well as those old-style wood-burning ranges, is expected to become even more popular through this year. However, rather than the total-reclamation look that has been done to death, this year it will feature a more simplistic look, with a friendly and unpretentious feel that will make visitors want to sit down and stay for good.

Source: Realtor.com

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