Solid Surfaces provide bold impact in hotel and restaurant designs

Whether it’s a five star luxury hotel or the latest fine dining establishment, creating a lasting first impression is paramount. From the reception, opulent lobby, bedrooms and elegant dining areas a fresh, clean, aesthetically pleasing environment can make the difference between a one-time visitor and a loyal repeat client. For the past decades solid surface has become the material of choice for hotels and restaurants worldwide due to its unmatched flexibility in design, inherent hygienic properties and practicality.

Staron spa entrance

Breathtaking spaces

With its unique ability to adapt to almost any design, solid surface gives designers and architects the freedom to test the limits of their imaginations to create custom one of a kind designs and shapes for the entrance, lobby, fixtures, guestrooms and wall coverings.

Staron Hotel bedroom

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“The solid material can be thermoformed into nearly any shape: edges can be softly rounded, and surfaces can be etched with sophisticated custom designs in several color options,” explained Mark Hanna, President of Accolade Surfaces, one of North America’s leading distributors of fine surfaces. “Whatever your aesthetic goals, solid surfaces like the latest Staron collections can help set the tone, leaving a lasting impression on the guest experience.”

Sushi resto Staron

Stylish restaurant & bar designs

Restaurants and bars rely as much on their food and drinks as they do on their décor and aesthetics to create memorable experiences. Solid surfaces are so versatile they can be adapted to fulfill all forms of today’s modern dining and entertaining design needs, all while satisfying the most stringent standards of hygiene.

The ultra-smooth surface is joined with inconspicuous seams creating surfaces that are both elegant and easy to clean. The durable nonporous solid surface is certified for hygienic properties because it resists stains and the growth of mold and mildew. “Staron is the ideal low-maintenance surface for high wear and tear public spaces in hotels and restaurants as inevitable scratches and cuts can easily be removed and repaired on-site saving busy maintenance staff valuable time, effort and expense,” added Hanna.






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