Bringing hotel luxury to your home bathroom

The latest interior décor trends for hotel room bathrooms has seen an increasing movement to incorporate the cozy notes of home, while at the same time residential interiors are progressively being morphed to replicate the lavish luxury of hotels. It’s clear that people really want what they can’t have.

Even if hotels evoke holidays and a break from our normal everyday home environments, people are increasingly trying to replicate the feelings and comforts of luxurious hotel atmospheres at home. It may be for the simple reason that the appealing finishes, fluffy towels, heated floors and exquisite bathroom products offer so much satisfaction and comfort.

How to replicate luxurious hotel bathroom features at home

Recently, the bathroom has also transcended from a private space into a more public one, as many people are sharing selfies taken in this space on social media. Hence, the need to reflect the home bathroom as a glamorous space is more pressing than ever for many people. Following are some tips to achieve the luxurious look:

Bathroom marble white


Blending materials with unique designs

Hotel bathrooms are generally embellished with a luxurious combination of premium materials. The aesthetics can be achieved by pairing materials such as stone, timber, and metallic components. A popular trend in hotels and homes alike has been to seek out the latest popular quartz collections that look like marble for countertops, shower bases, and wall coverings, instead of the fragile natural stone.

Apart from being visually appealing, these premium surfaces found in the latest Radianz Quartz and Accolade Quartz collections are also ultra-durable as they can better withstand, stains, soap, shampoo, and other residues. In fact, since they’re non-porous, unlike real marble, they resist stains and the growth of mold and mildew and bring beauty to today’s modern or traditional decors. These elements combined can easily replicate the spa-like atmosphere found in hotels.

The design of the bathroom itself also matters. Today’s luxurious bathrooms are often more spacious and minimalist in style. They often feature a free-standing bathtub in the center as a beautiful focal point to complete the bathroom as a Zen-like work of art.

Choosing the right lighting

Lighting is a key feature in creating the perfect atmosphere in a bathroom. As different lighting is required at different times of the day, it is recommended to plan for a combination of ambient light and task-based lighting. Mirrors can be backlit, lighting may be set up around vanity used for shaving and makeup. Recessed downlights, wall sconces, and dimmer switches may also be used to create stylish and sculptural effects.

Focusing on the finishing touches

Apart from the components of the bathroom itself, the finishing touches play a vital role in transforming the atmosphere of your new relaxing haven. Lusciously soft and fresh towels, potted plants, ornate dispensers, scented candles and storage to hide clutter are some of the amenities that complete the look of the space. The right scent may set the right mood to enhance the pampering hotel-like atmosphere.

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