How to make your hotel bathrooms stylish and cost-effective

Bathrooms are a key feature in today’s elegant hotel rooms. Together, with the tone-setting style and comfort of the guest room, they serve as an extension of the brand making or breaking a client’s stay. However, today’s breathtaking bathrooms may be stylish but they can also be costly. One ideal solution that has emerged in the industry is to opt for modern wet rooms.

ski lodge wet room


A wet room is elegant yet economical

A bathroom is no longer just a functional space. In hotels especially, it is a haven of well-being that most guests do remember after their stay. Nonetheless, many hotel owners have been confronted with the need for stylish designs and the need to stay cost-effective. Wet rooms are an ideal response to this dilemma as they’re the perfect blend of clean elegance, functionality, comfort, and cost-effectiveness.

First of all, a myriad of tiles and materials such as stone, marble, quartz, solid surface or steel can inject life into this space, making them extremely elegant despite the minimalist look. Wet rooms are also easy to clean and are reliable in terms of waterproofing when the installation is carried out by professionals. The waterproofing can last for more than 20 years.

wet room 4


Wet rooms are very “Instagramable”

Today, each visual aspect of a product matters. In an era where everything is being photographed and posted on social media platforms, it is vital for a hotel to give its bathrooms a premium luxury feel. It has been noted that customers are generally ready to pay a higher rate for hotel rooms personifying this first-class aura.

Additional tips to cut cost in hotel bathrooms

Regulating the water temperature and flow rates

Even if the average length of a shower is eight minutes, hotel clients tend to stay longer in the bathroom. By setting an upper limit of hot water and ensure consistency of flow rates, energy can be saved.

Investing in durable materials

From tiles, countertops to taps, it is recommended to invest in durable materials to reduce the need for repairs. Leaks and bad surprises generally end up costing more than such an investment. At the same time, think of avoiding unnecessary items or features that can break. It is better to stick to only the most essential appliances.

For countertops, look to elegant and ultra-durable Quartz, a popular choice in the hotel industry and for good reason.  According to the recent Freedonia Group Report on countertop industry trends, there has been a definite shift in the marketplace over the last several years as quartz has become the fastest growing market segment in the industry.

“Quartz surfaces are growing in popularity because they have the sleek appearance of natural stone, but unlike granite or marble these surfaces never need to be sealed,” explained Mark Hanna, President of Accolade Surfaces, a leading distributor of premium surfaces. “Quartz is a nonporous material, which means it will not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.”  This is why leading brands such as Radianz Quartz surfaces are certified NSF 51 (with the National Sanitation Foundation) and ideal for high traffic surfaces in hotels. “Over the long-term you avoid all of the maintenance costs, effort and time required by your staff to deal with the inevitable issues of natural stone surfaces,” he added.

Choose designs that are easy to clean

The housekeeping and maintenance staffs spend hours and hours cleaning and maintaining hundreds of rooms in hotels. So choosing a minimalistic and open plan bathroom design with the appropriate clean durable surfaces can reduce time spent completing these tasks and can drastically reduce money budgeted towards beautifying and maintaining these breathtaking spaces.

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