8 hot design trends that you may regret later

Home décor has become a hot topic as Pinterest, social media platforms and blogs are continuously being bombarded with a massive number of fresh trends. Even if keeping up with the latest hot designs may seem tempting, it’s not always wise to follow all of them blindly. Here are eight latest home design trends that are truly appealing at first glance but are totally impractical.

Eight stylish yet impractical home décor trends and their solutions

Before investing a massive amount of money in turning your home into a Pinterest-worthy gem, it’s crucial to note that certain trends will create a lot more difficulties to go along with their pristine looks.


Marble countertops: so alluring yet totally impractical

Choosing popular Carrara marble countertops may seem tempting to add a touch of natural chic splendor to your kitchen design. However, marble countertops are extremely impractical in the sense that they are highly porous so they stain and scratch very easily when, God forbid, red wine or certain acidic liquids inevitably spill on the surface.

“Marble, although beautiful with its subtle veining characteristics, truly requires white glove treatment,” said Mark Hanna, President of Accolade Surfaces, a leading distributor of premium surfaces. “It’s a naturally porous surface that stains and scratches easily and is very susceptible to typical kitchen items like balsamic vinegar, citrus fruits and common household cleaners.”

Radianz Marble Countertop faded

He explained that because of the major drawbacks found in marble, homeowners are now turning to the latest premium quartz collections such as the Accolade Quartz and Radianz Quartz marble collections that feature the same beautiful distinct veining aesthetics of fine marble with the strength and durability of quartz.  “Unlike real marble, these quartz surfaces are non-porous, they resist stains and the growth of mold and mildew and bring beauty to today’s modern or traditional decors,” Hanna added.

Metal tiles are difficult to maintain

Metal tiles in soft shades of silver or brass are a big hit this year. However, in coastal regions, they will easily rust due to salt in the air. Water left on them can also accelerate tarnishing. It is thus wise to use them in a very small dry space for texture only.

All-white or light-colored décor

White and light colors are trendy for home furniture, rugs and even bedding. They are loved for their spotless and crisp look. However, they are absolutely impractical as they are prone to stains, requiring high and regular cleaning and maintenance costs. The solution is to use them sparingly with dark colors just for contrast.

dining bench

Photo: Pinterest

Dining benches

Dining benches are very popular, reflecting the farmhouse chic. Nonetheless, they are totally uncomfortable to sit on for a whole meal and also when the person sitting in the middle has to leave the table.

Peel-and-stick laminate accent walls

Peel-and-stick laminates are simple and inexpensive to install but are totally a headache to uninstall once the trend goes away. When peeling it off, it is very likely to peel off some wall together as the adhesive used is very durable. As a result, be ready to invest in some drywall repair.


Slipcovers are another trendy feature of the farmhouse chic look. But in practice, it’s hard to make them stay flat on your sofa or soft chairs. The minute someone sits on them, they look terrible. The logical solution instead is to invest in quality upholstery.

Wall stencils

Wall stencils may seem an inexpensive method to add visual texture to walls. Nonetheless, one wrong stroke may create a design disaster.

Unusual flooring materials

It’s not worthwhile to use unusual materials such as pennies or recycled newspaper for flooring. Flooring demands durability and these atypical materials can result in massive blunders.

Source: realtor.com

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