Don’t be afraid of the dark: Breaking traditional kitchen design mantra with dark colors

White and light colors have been assiduously used to make kitchens look more spacious and lighter. However, designers and homeowners are much more daring these days using dark colors to create moody atmospheres and a much more seductive space in the home.

Are light colors for the kitchen passé?

Light colors have persistently been used to create that bright, airy, fresh atmosphere that was so sought after in kitchen spaces. As a result, until recently, designing a kitchen in dark tones was more of a rarity. However, homeowners are becoming increasingly conscious of the distinct advantages dark tones provide compared to their white counterparts. They have the power to bring a seductive allure and sophistication to this space that has morphed into the entertaining focal point of most homes where family and friends gather. More and more designers are finding that white or light tones, on the other hand, can make a kitchen look uninteresting and sterile.

Kitchen trends pic 3

Be daring to create bold dark designs

Dark looks and rich materials are increasingly imposing themselves as the latest trend in kitchen design. They are chosen to display sophistication as well as moodiness in this space. Following this brave choice can literally add impact to any space: moody hues paired with rich timbers can bring depth and excitement as well as glamour to the blandest space.

Light colors do not necessarily illuminate a space. Deep colors, on the other hand, can inject life and personality in a dull area, distracting attention from a small size, for instance, to focus on a striking design.

Dark grey kitchen Radianz

Dark tones can be used for customization

Shades of your choice can be used to really give a personal touch. There exist varieties of timbers, veneers, and finishes that can offer a large array of options. Given that today’s kitchens are blended together with the dining and living areas, mixed materials can ingeniously be used to add personality and to provide a definition of zones. Deep colors can also be used to enhance a large space.

Dark kitchen 2

Some ideas for using dark tones in the kitchen

  • A quartered white-oak island and tall cabinet can be used against pristine white wall cabinets to provide a warm contrast. This is ideal for kitchens that lead towards a welcoming dining space.
  • To make an island a focal point of the kitchen, try a dark rich quartz countertop surface such as Mauna Loa Black from the latest Radianz Quartz collection. An island with this seductive surface pairs well with a stone-colored backdrop.
  • Another great idea is to paint furniture, walls, and even the window frames in the same dark colors. This will bring depth and drama. To balance the effect, the preparation table can be painted a few shades lighter. The ceiling can be painted in white while the worktops can be designed in a lighter grey quartz surface and light oak.
  • A classic combination of contrasting colors is to pair navy and fresh white. This combination will give a smart and crisp look.



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